CCR CSR was proudly selected to join BIF’s specialized training on HR & Productivity in Myanmar’s garment sector in Yangon, Myanmar. CCR CSR knows that changes in factories towards better protection of children, juvenile workers and support for working parents will be substantial only if they are linked to more effective and efficient Human Resources management that positively impacts the factory’s business. As such, through these trainings CCR CSR strives to create more efficient HR systems that follow better hiring practices and contribute to the prevention of child labor. Another major aim of the training service is to create an inclusive production environment that can support the integration of juvenile workers and pregnant workers who might have shorter hours and higher requirements in terms of health & safety. 

The training will address the following challenges:

  • Low productivity and efficiency
  • High employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Quality issues
  • Low profitability
  • Underage workers/child labor
  • Shortage of skilled labor
  • Ineffective systems for integrating young workers into the workforce
  • Compliance issues

About BIF:

BIF is a five-year initiative funded by the UK Department of International Development, which aims to catalyze the introduction and adaption by private companies of commercially viable market innovations that will enhance inclusive economic growth. More info here:

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