Fashion Revolution Guest Blog on the Challenges and Opportunities of Supporting Migrant Parent Workers

Check out our new guest blog for –  a social enterprise that unites people and organisations to work together towards changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. The article focuses on two key challenges identified in CCR CSR’s latest study “From the Factory with Love: A Study on Migrant Parent Workers in China” and provides solutions that can improve the situation of the workers and factory operations.

We found that workers were being denied full-attendance bonuses when they took time off work to care for their children, and for many workers, this was a huge financial hit. In fact, the high costs and financial pressure associated with bringing children to live in their host cities was one of the main reasons migrant parent workers were leaving their children behind in their hometowns.

Another major challenge faced by parent workers was finding someone to look after their children during school holidays and weekends. Workers who failed to secure childcare during holidays were worried about their children’s safety as they spent whole days unsupervised, and others opted to take their children with them to the factory floor. With the majority of factories not providing any kind of childcare solutions, workers satisfaction towards their workplace was negatively impacted and they were less committed to staying there for a long time.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017