Over 500 Children Benefited from CCR CSR’s Factory Child Friendly Spaces this Summer

In the summer of 2016, CCR CSR first piloted its Factory Child Friendly Spaces program in five factories in China to support workers struggling with childcare over the school break. We found that children were being brought to production areas because parents had no other place to send them. This meant that children were at a much higher risk of injuries, and factories faced major compliance risks. We also found that children of migrant workers spent long hours unsupervised either in hot dorm rooms or within the factory perimeters.  

Factory Child Friendly Spaces provided a safe-haven for children of migrant workers and it reunited those children usually left-behind throughout the year with their parents. For some children, the summer with their parents was the longest time they had spent with them at any one time.

Not surprisingly, the project was a huge success, not only because of the heartwarming stories about family reunions and strengthened relationships, but because factories saw significant improvements in their operations as a result. Workers were more satisfied with their workplace, enjoyed better relationships with their supervisors and indicated a commitment to staying in the factory for longer.

Reflecting the success of 2016, this year Factory Child Friendly Spaces were implemented in 14 factories across the country over the summer. By the time the last space closed in late August, the project had brough benefits to hundreds of families:

What’s next?

We’re currently gathering and analyzing all the data and information we received before, during and after the project, and when complete, this will give us a clear picture of the impact achieved from this year’s project. Keep following our website and social media accounts for timely updates!

13 of the factories involved in this year’s Factory Child Friendly Spaces project have pledged to re-open the spaces again in the following years. As more factories and brands become aware of the positive impact and sustainability of this project, we believe 2018 will see even more factories join the project, perhaps not only in China but across South and Southeast Asia.  

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Factory Child Friendly Spaces. Alternatively, read our factory blog and case study here for more insights. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017