In the summer of 2016, CCR CSR implemented a Factory Child Friendly Spaces pilot program in five factories in China during the summer school break. The goal of this pilot program was to provide the children of migrant workers with a safe, inclusive space to play, interact with others and to take part in joint parent-child activities. Further, the program aimed to offer an opportunity for all to learn to strengthen relationships. The pilot program was also expected to set a best practice in supply chain factories, with the anticipation that more factories will be encouraged to roll out FCFS during summer months in the coming years. 

To understand how and where FCFS had the biggest impact, we carried out an impact assessment of four out of five of the factories. The assessment consisted of baseline surveys, final evaluation surveys and interviews with children, parents and factory staff. 

We could see that FCFS improved worker-management relationships, increased workers' satisfaction towards the factory and helped the children become more outgoing and social. What's more, we found that FCFS helped address an important need of parent workers: to provide them with childcare support during the summer when their children are off school.

The full impact assessment can be viewed here and downloaded below. 

What the Beneficiaries Say about FCFS:

An FCFS head teacher: 
"Some children who were too shy to speak in the beginning, are now confident to greet even visitors from outside of the factories and are more sociable.

A factory manager: 
"This is a very good project. We needed such projects for the satisfaction of our workers. We did this summer program this year and also hired professional teachers to help. The parents were very happy, especially when they saw the progress their children made during the summer. I believe that the impact is a long term one and a win-win to all parties involved,” 

A parent worker: 
"I was always worried about my kid’s safety during the summer vacation, as every year I heard about accidents involving children...FCFS has four teachers to look after my five-year-old son. I feel much more at ease now and can focus on my work.”