1. UNICEF's Children's Rights & Business Program for the Garment Industry 

In Bangladesh, some 25 million people are employed in the garment industry, making it the key lifeline for countless families. With the prevalence of garment factories there also comes an increased risk of child rights violations. Therefore there is a strong need for initiatives that place child rights and the needs of working parents centerfield. 

In 2016 UNICEF piloted the Children's Rights and Business Programme for the Garment Industry in Bangladesh, which aims to establish family-friendly workplaces that improve the situation of working parents and their children, adolescent workers and surrounding communities. The program was developed jointly by CCR CSR and FLA within the framework of the Child Rights & Business Principles (CRBP). 

In addition to implementing workplaces that directly improve conditions for workers, the initiative also aims to create awareness of the impact of the garment industry on the rights of children and working parents in Bangladesh, and strives towards initiating long-term, replicable change in industry practices. 

2. Child Labor Remediation 

We have local staff in Bangladesh implementing child labor remediation programs for international clients. For more information about our child labor remediation services, please click here