1. Factory Child Friendly Spaces

The summer months can be a challenging time for parent workers in factories. With schools closed, parents or caregivers must find a way to make sure the children are supervised and safe throughout the day. For migrant parents with left-behind children, worries about their children's safety run high. How can they be sure the children are supervised when they are so far away and busy working? Many migrant parents who live with their children also face a predicament over the summer. With childcare being quite expensive, some parents opt to bring their children with them to the factory floor.  

CCR CSR developed Factory Child Friendly Spaces (FCFS) to provide the children of workers with a safe, inclusive environment conducive to play and learning, while also allowing families to spend more time together. All workers' children are welcome to stay at FCFS, regardless of whether they are normally living apart from their parents or living with them near the factory. FCFS is also a good opportunity for factories to foster a positive environment where workers feel supported and appreciated. This can lead to improved productivity and worker retention.

CCR CSR implemented FCFS in five factories in China in 2016 on behalf of two clients, and is implementing FCFS on a wider scale in 2017. 

  • For information on the impact of FCFS click here.
  • Stories from the workers who took part in FCFS in 2016 can be found in our blog section here

2. Migrant Parent Support Program

CCR CSR's Migrant Parent Support Program is customized to clients' needs. Our client Colossseum Athletics - a US apparel brand - took part in a one year program between 2016 and 2017 that entailed in-factory trainings for migrant parent workers and supervisors, as well as PhotoVoice - a creative program whereby workers use photography to engage with their children and tell their stories. Read on for more about Colosseum's PhotoVoice program. 

“Migrant workers make up the majority of the workforce manufacturing Colosseum products in China, and many of these workers are parents with left behind children. Working [..] on the migrant parent worker training and photo-voice program has allowed us to support these parents and improve their relationship with their children back home. A secondary motivation in implementing this program has been to help factory management decrease turnover by improving worker satisfaction and loyalty. We’ve seen success with this program in both areas,” said Kelsey Keene, Director of CSR at Colosseum Athletics. 

Our Migrant Parent Support Program for Swedish hardware brand Clas Ohlson entails in-factory trainings, eLearning support, Factory Child Friendly Spaces and monitoring the migrant children centres Clas Ohlson supports.  

More info on our migrant parent support services here

3. WeSupport 

WeSupport was a two year multi-stakeholder project initiated by CCR CSR and jointly funded by Disney, Clas Ohlson, ICA and HP from 2014 to 2016. The project sought to find business-friendly solutions to common problems found in supply chains, with a specific focus on young workers, frontline managers, migrant parent workers and child labor prevention. Specifically, the objective of WeSuppport was to show brands’ support towards the factories beyond auditing. To achive this, WeSupport developed three successful training curriculums that targetted migrant parent workers, line managers and young workers. The WeChat-based "WeSupport" eLearning platform was also developed as part of this initiative, as was CCR CSR's Child Labor Remediation Resources Platform.

The 4657 workers who were reached by this program (3512 through in-factory trainings and 1145 through mobile eLearning), benefited in numerous way. Measurable improvements were recorded in terms of:

  • Workplace skills
  • Resilience for young workers
  • Improved management skills for line managers
  • Improved parent-child relationships for migrant parents

Together, these results have contributed to improved worker retention and satisfaction in supply chain factories.

Currently, our Working Groups continue to strive for collaboration among brands on key issues affecting supply chains, with our members meeting 3-4 times per year in Hong Kong or online to discuss key issues. Find out more here.

4. Child Labor Prevention and Remediation

CCR CSR has a child labor prevention and remediation program for international clients sourcing from China. The program is also tailored to each individual case, but it usually entails the development of guidelines for when a child laborer is found and access to our online child labor remediation resources platform. We also encourage suppliers to take part in child labor prevention workshops and awareness seminars to prevent child labor in the future, and we bring in third party support or link the client to local service providers when necessary.  

More details here

5. Research and Studies

CCR CSR is renowned for its studies on child rights-related challenges in supply chains and the role businesses can plan in mitigating these challenges. In June 2017, CCR CSR will publish a follow-up study of its ground-breaking 2013 research paper "They are Also Parents: A Study on Migrant Parents with Left-Behind Children". The 2017 study will examine the current situation of migrant workers and their children; new trends since 2013; adverse business impacts caused by inadequate support for working parents etc. See below for a list of previous major studies: