CCR CSR's one-day “Child Labor Prevention and Remediation Training for Suppliers” equips suppliers of international brands with the tools and knowledge to cascade strong child labor prevention and remediation measures down their supply chains.

Why the need for training?

  • According to ILO, there were 62 million child laborers in Asia by 2016
  • Most child labor is found in lower tiers, which are opaque and unregulated
  • There is a strong need to prevent and remediate child labor in lower tiers
  • Companies are under increasing pressure to make their supply chains transparent and ensure their labor standards are implemented in lower tiers

Training objectives?

  • To fully understand the underlying causes of child labor and the negative impact on business and society
  • To strengthen knowledge on international standards, legal provisions and brand requirements
  • To learn best practices in prevention strategies and how to enforce these standards amongst their business partners (service providers, agents, sub-contractors, sub-suppliers)
  • To possess the know-how to carry out sustainable and beneficial remediation plans
  • To enable suppliers to train sub-contractors on child labor prevention and remediation

Training content

Trainings can be customized to clients' specific context and requirements, but the content below provides a general overview of the standard topics covered:

  • Child rights violations in a socio-economic & management context and the negative impact for children, society & company
  • How to discover child labor and child labor risks in factories, including what to search for during audits and factory walkthroughs
  • International standards, national legal provisions and brand requirements
  • How to strengthen the age verification system during recruitment
  • How to create a solid internal system for preventing child rights violations including complaint channels and trainings
  • Child labor remediation: From first response to remediation plan
  • How to ensure that sub-suppliers/sub-contractors have a solid prevention and remediation system in place
  • How to provide juvenile workers with protection and support

Feedback on the training

How to get started?

Contact us at! We can help you set up the right format and scale for this training  – whether you need support for one, two or a hundred factories. This training is available in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar in Chinese, English and local language.