Why the need for HR training?

While Myanmar’s rapidly growing garment industry has brought a wealth of opportunities, it’s not surprising that the industry is also facing a host of challenges. These include underdeveloped HR systems, lack of innovative management skills, low productivity, weak age verification systems that lead to child labor and ineffective systems for integrating young workers into the workforce. Production and compliance challenges aside, these aspects hinder factories from working with larger EU/US buyers in the market.

What are we offering?

CCR CSR, in partnership with Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is offering a training course on human resource management in Myanmar’s garment sector. The training brings benefits in the following areas:

  • Improved HR services: In particular services related to age verification and ensuring that child labor is prevented in one’s own companies and among sub-suppliers & sub-contractors. 
  • Strong child labor prevention & remediation systems: A robust system that ensures child-labor free facilities all the way to the sub-contractor level.
  • Inclusive production: A strong focus on creating an inclusive production environment that can support the integration of juvenile workers and pregnant workers who might have shorter hours and higher requirements in terms of health & safety. 

What do our services involve?

  • Assessment: CCR CSR will conduct an assessment in the factory to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the factory HR management system. CCR CSR will develop the proposal for the training and consult with the factory based on the assessment results.
  • Factory Training: The training will be conducted based on the assessment and the training duration will be based on the needs of factory.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: The training project will be closely monitored and a comprehensive evaluation will be carried out upon closure of the training.

Target audience:

The training is designed for the following factory team members:

  • HR team
  • Production managers
  • Line leaders and supervisors

What does the training cover?

CCR CSR will compile a customized training package based on clients’ needs but can include any or all of the following:

  • HR concept and HR function in the garment industry
  • How to control labor turnover/ migration
  • Mechanisms for reducing or managing absenteeism
  • Effective communication skills
  • Supervisory skills development
  • Effective orientation of new employees
  • Promotion and appraisal system
  • Grievance handling
  • Exit interview
  • Solid internal system for child labor prevention
  • Effective recruitment mechanism for child labor prevention
  • Age verification
  • Immediate action when child labor is found
  • Best practices of child labor remediation
  • Sub-contractor and supplier management
  • Position mapping (skill requirements & work condition)
  • Hazardous work identification
  • Assigning the right job to the right people
  • Production management and planning
  • Skill matrix and skill upgrading
  • Problem solving

How to get started?

Contact us for more information.